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Daydreams of Trees EDP
Daydreams of Trees EDP

Daydreams of Trees EDP

Arcana Wildcraft
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Daydreams of Trees EDP: What do trees dream about? Sunshine, cool rain, squirrel homes, and little saplings. Our hand-distilled fir needle oil with sweet lavender absolute, jammy fir absolute, organic spruce tips, white iris, dappled sunlight, a bit of orris, and a hint of sugary sap.

A lavender and iris laced coniferous perfume.
Perfumer's Note: Daydreams of Trees contains the fir essential oil which we extracted from local fir trimmings in a recent video.

Offered in 30 ml eau de parfum glass spray bottles.

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Indie, handmade, vegan, cruelty free.