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Disco Set #8 Angel Dust, Ghost Chocolate, Sugar Star, Whiteout

Disco Set #8 Angel Dust, Ghost Chocolate, Sugar Star, Whiteout

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Discovery Set #8: Four 1 ml glass sample vials, 1 each Angel Dust, Ghost Chocolate, Sugar Star, Whiteout. 

Angel Dust Perfume Oil: Sweet white sponge cake sprinkled with vanilla sugar crystals. Also known as Angel Food Cake, this perfume was created by our friends at Sixteen92, an award winning perfume house of which we are proud fans. 

Ghost Chocolate Perfume Oil: (new version) Belgian white chocolate and creamy cocoa butter rest on a base of delicately haunted musk.

Sugar Star Perfume Oil: The essence of comfort. Aromatic, warm, spicy cardamom is sweetened with brown sugar and golden Turbinado sugar, Tahitian vanilla, and cardamom CO2 extract.

Whiteout Perfume Oil: A delectable blend of French vanilla frosting and Mexican vanilla extract with vanilla bean fluff and precious Madagascan vanilla oleoresin. 

Indie, handmade, cruelty free.