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Disco Set #7 Babydoll, Deserted, Riot Grrrl, Spun

Disco Set #7 Babydoll, Deserted, Riot Grrrl, Spun

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Discovery Set #7: Four 1 ml glass sample vials, 1 each Babydoll, Deserted, Riot Grrrl, Spun.

Babydoll Perfume Oil: The scent of innocence itself. Sweetened condensed milk is infused with plump vanilla beans and an extra spoonful of milk sugar.

Deserted Perfume Oil: Tropical coconut with Réunion Island vanilla, coconut milk, and young, green coconut husk.

Riot Grrrl Perfume Oil: Unapologetically juicy peaches with fuzzy peach skin, peach nectar, a little squeeze of blood orange, and a touch of warm skin musk.

Spun Perfume Oil: The utterly delicious scent of boozy caramel toffees. This perfume was created by our friends at Sixteen92, an award winning perfume house of which we are proud fans. This toffee accord is part of the scent of Sixteen92's gorgeous Thank the Dark Lord

Indie, handmade, cruelty free.