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Medea: (NEW) A priestess of Hekate and niece of Circe, Medea is probably most famous for her ruthless murders, including the vengeance-driven filicide of her own sons. Yet this is the scent of the youthful Medea in full seduction mode: Enchanting, feminine, and magical, but spiked with madness. Opening with ripe cassis berries and pink pepper, the drydown reveals salty, musky notes of Cetalox and Ambroxan, a bit of juicy raspberry, a hint of iris, and a base of amber resin and blonde woods.

A sexy dark fruit scent with amber and pink pepper.

Perfumer's Notes: Medea contains Clearwood.

Offered in amber glass apothecary bottles in samples (approximately 1.25 ml*), 5 ml, and 15 ml.

Indie, handmade, vegan, cruelty free.

*Please note that this is the same size as 1/3 dram. The sample vials have not changed.