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Disco Set #9 Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Riot Grrrl, Whiteout

Disco Set #9 Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Riot Grrrl, Whiteout

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Discovery Set #9: Four 1 ml glass sample vials, 1 each Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Riot Grrrl, Whiteout. 

Blackout Perfume Oil: A dizzying, delicious confection of milk chocolate, dark cacao, French vanilla, and a drizzle of warm caramel.

Cherry Bomb Perfume Oil: Juicy dark red cherries with radiant sugar crystals, a hint of dried plum, and a bit of orris.

Riot Grrrl Perfume Oil: Unapologetically juicy peaches with fuzzy peach skin, peach nectar, a little squeeze of blood orange, and a touch of warm skin musk.

Whiteout Perfume Oil: A delectable blend of French vanilla frosting and Mexican vanilla extract with vanilla bean fluff and precious Madagascan vanilla oleoresin. 

Indie, handmade, cruelty free.