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Disco Set #5 Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Ghost Chocolate, Softer

Disco Set #5 Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Ghost Chocolate, Softer

Sugar Spider
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Discovery Set #5: Four 1 ml glass sample vials, 1 each Blackout, Cherry Bomb, Ghost Chocolate, Softer.

Blackout Perfume Oil: A dizzying, delicious confection of milk chocolate, dark cacao, French vanilla, and a drizzle of warm caramel.

Cherry Bomb Perfume Oil: Juicy dark red cherries with radiant sugar crystals, a hint of dried plum, and a bit of orris.

Ghost Chocolate Perfume Oil: (new version) Belgian white chocolate and creamy cocoa butter rest on a base of delicately haunted musk.

Softer Perfume Oil: Irresistible honeyed pistachio with gentle pistachio creme, roasted pistachios, sweet almonds, and rich French vanilla. This pistachio accord is part of the scent of Arcana Wildcraft's popular Fimbulvetr.

Indie, handmade, cruelty free.