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Copy of Scent List


Arcana favorites for the holidays

Delicatus: Pure indulgence. A steaming caffè latte with dark chocolate, warm bread, flaky profiteroles, hazelnut biscotti dipped in cocoa, and pumpkin cookies. A chocolate laced gourmand with nonsweet bread notes.

Glittering Green: The scent of eating mint-laced white chocolates in a huge old growth forest. Jammy fir balsam, a bit of black spruce, and our Glittering White (an opening of cold peppermint settles into a heart of sugar cookies, marshmallows, white chocolate, and vanilla musk). An atmospheric gourmand with cold, pepperminty nuances.

Her Forest: Layers of velvety forest mosses and soft green lichens with wild-harvested Northern fir tips, Bourbon vetiver, black oudh, and a hint of forest floor. A mossy coniferous scent.

Her Sorceress: A mysterious and darkly magical blend of cardamom, smoky incense, wild-harvested fir boughs and spruce tips, black pepper, Nag Champa, our Holy Terror, and ethically harvested Palo Santo. A woody, smoky incense blend.

Snug: The scent of staying in to watch the snow fall: dark honey amber, marshmallow, and the glow of beeswax candles. A cozy, resinous atmospheric.

Winternights: The ancient pagan Norse revels of Winternights and Walpurgis once marked the beginning and ending of a long and frozen winter season. Feast, give thanks, ward off Frost Giants, or just frolic with this mirthful Northern mix of three vanillas, frosty peppermint, a dab of white musk, and a hint of ripe young berries encased in ice. A wintry, pepperminty fruit scent.



The Conjurers Collection

Circe: (NEW) A mighty sorceress and seductress who was infamous for her licentiousness, her dangerously enchanted potions, and for gleefully turning men into beasts. Petitgrain sur Fleurs and ylang ylang with smoky vanilla, dry ambery woods, Mandrake blossoms, benzoin resin, holy labdanum resin, and a dash of cognac absolute. An avant-garde flourmand with a smoky vanilla-amber drydown.

Perfumer's Notes: Circe contains Guaiacol. In my mission to help you gain a deeper understanding of notes, let me explain that this is a trace of Guaiacol. What does "a trace" mean? It means that out of 400 grams, 1 gram is Givaudan's gorgeously smoky vanilla: Ultravanil. Ultravanil contains a bit of Guaiacol in its formula. Therefore, the Guaiacol weighs in at less than 1/4 of 1 percent. The labdanum in Circe also provides a sense of smokiness. This is the same labdanum resin which we used in Nott from our Hel's Belles collection, but a different labdanum than the one we used in Puck from Night-Tripping Fairies.

Hekate: (NEW) This powerful Greek goddess is a witch, necromancer, protector of homes, seeker of darkness, and haunter of crossroads. To disrespect Hekate is to put yourself at peril. Cracked black pepper, ancient animal hides, dark woods, temple incense, Autumnal nutmeg, velvety amber, ceremonial silk robes, and a drop of blood red musk. A woody, leathery animalic with dark spices.

John Dee: (NEW) During his heyday as Queen Elizabeth I's occultist, alchemist, mathematician, code breaker, mystic, and astrologer, Dee enjoyed a gloriously aristocratic lifestyle. This is the essence of Dee at the pinnacle of his power: swirls of incense, rich, sexy brown leather, a rented Elizabethan pineapple, heady orange flowers, mysterious herbs, smoky birch tar, ancient amber resin, an animalic accord, and Atlas cedar. A smoky, leathery atmospheric with pineapple.

Medea: (NEW) A priestess of Hekate and niece of Circe, Medea is probably most famous for her ruthless murders, including the vengeance-driven filicide of her own sons. Yet this is the scent of the youthful Medea in full seduction mode: Enchanting, feminine, and magical, but spiked with madness. Opening with ripe cassis berries and pink pepper, the drydown reveals salty, musky notes of Cetalox and Ambroxan, a bit of juicy raspberry, a hint of iris, and a base of amber resin and blonde woods. A sexy dark fruit scent with amber and pink pepper.

Perfumer's Notes: Medea contains Clearwood.

Nimue: (NEW) Also known as La Dame du Lac, she is the eternal fae who ensorcelled Merlin and escorted King Arthur's death barge to the magical realm of Avalon. Ethereal Tahitian vanilla, rich Réunion Island vanilla, pink guava, white chocolate, soft jasmine grandiflorum, pillowy pink musk, raindrops shimmering on blue water, a sliver of Mysore sandalwood, and a hint of Gallic cognac. A delicate flourmand with bright fruitiness and plenty of vanilla.

Witches Draw Down The Moon: (Reformulated) Mexican vanilla is infused with sweet maple creme, maple sugar, dry Madagascan vanilla, and moon-white marshmallow. A vanilla-laden gourmand enriched with maple.

Perfumer's Notes: Witches Draw Down The Moon contains no Guaiacol, no Clearwood, no milk, and no cream notes.

Witches Run a Farm Stand in Oregon: Green, uncured hemp with lavender, vintage patchouli, spearmint, fir needles, zucchini blossoms, Oregon roses, honeysuckle, and white amber. An earthy, green herbaceous scent with floral aspects.

Witches Watch Sci Fi Movies: Movie night! The essence of being cozily curled up on the couch (with snacks) while watching sentient robots, interplanetary warfare, time travel, and wild explosions. Fried ice cream with vanilla-laced caramel sauce, hot popcorn, sugared amber incense, a hint of sweet tobacco, and a drop of red musk. A gourmand atmospheric.


Scents for the frightful season

Coven: The nostalgic, Autumnal essence of a magical sisterhood blessed by the crone goddess Hecate. Warmly roasted pumpkin, French vanilla, cozy cashmere shawls, dead leaves, hay bales, a soft brush of kitten whiskers, and the rustle of black skirts. A comforting, pumpkin-laced gourmand with a strong cashmere note.

SOLD OUT. Evil Eye: Protection against malevolent forces. An opening of bright Sicilian aniseed leads to a creamy, addictive, gourmand heart of Mexican vanilla, dark cocoa, sugar-encrusted blonde woods, warm amber, sandalwood milk, Cetalox, and soft golden tobacco. A woody gourmand with anise and chocolate.

Jinx: The warding scent of scarlet cherries drenched in fresh water and cleansing ocean waves. Regina cherries, Bourbon vanilla beans, fleur de sel crystals, burnt sugar, iridescent Cascadian rain, and a tincture of Pacific beach sand. A sugared fruity scent dunked in aquatic notes.

Mongolian Death Worm: This ghastly creature is said to live in the Gobi Desert, where the merest touch from it means instant death. Barren sand dunes, cardamom, sandalwood, yellow silk, cinnamon, powdered ginger, and mare's milk accord. A unique, spicy, silky atmospheric with sandalwood.

Moon Queen: Our ode to Selene, the sleek, gleaming Titaness of the moon. A luminous blend of cool vanilla creme, moonlight infused coconut water, rich coconut gelato, translucent silk woven with silver threads, and softly beating wings. A creamy coconut-vanilla with gentle silk.

Moth-Like Stars: (NEW) Creamy white amber, elegant cashmere, soft silk voile, salty Ambroxan, and diaphanous musk. A sheer, airy, yet concentrated and complex skin scent with a close, intimate sillage.

Mountain Witch: The scent of a magical cottage tucked away in the foggy chill of the Cascade mountains. Roasted black coffee beans with a swirl of woody incense, wild-harvested spruce needles, fir balsam absolute, green moss, damp firewood, soft earth, and a hint of Oregon wildflowers. A mysterious atmospheric with conifer and coffee notes.

SOLD OUT. The Cunning Folk: The scent of an unread magical grimoire smudged with tobacco and surrounded by offerings of chocolate and golden amber. A dark academia scent with chocolate, tobacco, and amber.

Toadstool: (NEW) The scent of wild harvesting magical fungi in the deep, dark Autumn woods. Fir and pine needles, a wooly sweater, animalic accord, mushroom caps, damp wood, black earth, and tree resin. A coniferous, woody, wooly, animalic atmospheric.

Witches Befriend Unicorns: Warm, freshly baked pumpkin cookies, ripe white peaches, iridescent vanilla, sweet red pomegranate, apricot nectar, brewed apple cider, gossamer unicorn musk, and sparkling champagne. An effervescent, uplifting, fruity gourmand.

Witches Go Hiking with Fairies: Wild-grown pineapple plants with tiny hummingbirds flitting all around them, densely treed coniferous forests, fairy bee honey, Tahitian vanilla, soft, damp mosses, and a hint of woodland strawberries. A coniferous fruity scent with mosses.

Witches Trace Sigils in the Dirt: The essence of a dark ritual in the wild wood. Lush green moss, soft forest floor, blood cedar trees, tangled vines winding over crags, damp patchouli leaves, and a faint trail of rosemary. A mossy, earthy woodchouli.



Our permanent collection

AbsintheLet the heady spirit of the Green Fairy whisper in your ear. Scented with aromatic herbs, sweet anise, and a touch of pure Artemisia Absinthium. Imminent moral collapse not included.

Bonfires at DuskWoodsmoke, sweet beeswax, Oregon lavender, sandalwood, charred juniper, and the scent of swiftly appearing stars.

DevilishShaking off vanilla's reputation for namby pambyness, this infernally dark and smoky fragrance comes complete with licks of fire and sulfurous wafts of brimstone. The devil really does have all the best scents.

Filthy VikingBetween the sea voyages and the pillaging, it must have been difficult for Odin's henchmen to stay fresh. Too bad they didn't have this ferocious blend of scents from the Viking world: bracing Norwegian juniper, frigid Icelandic mint, and the hardy wood of a longship.

Ganesh: Honor the generous and happy spirit of Sri Ganesha and he will bless you greatly. A large, joyous snoutful of coconut cake is snugly wrapped in honey, vanilla, Indonesian clove, green coconut, and a warm blend of spices.

Holy Terror: There are utterly somber and fearsome spirits which are known to haunt certain long-deserted chapels, monasteries, and abbeys. An unsettling, austere blend of burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles.

Jeunesse Dorée: The luxe, opulent beauty of nonpareil jasmine sambac absolute, golden Italian bergamot zest, plump vanilla pods, sugary Peru Balsam, soft Clearwood, and a single drop of French cognac.

Leaves Falling Like Rain: In honor of our beloved Pacific Northwest and the best time of the year. A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps, and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of vintage patchouli, hyssop, mullein, and white pepper.

Mad Monk: Some considered Grigori Rasputin to be a depraved charlatan, while others believed he was a mystic with magical powers, but no one could forget his haunting gaze. Golden amber resin, Siberian fir needle, Arcana’s Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles), coarse brown bread, and warm fur.

Nectar: The deepest longing for sunshine, long warm days, and peace in our time. Ripe, plump blackberries and creme de cassis with sheer, summery georgette, cold swirls of vanilla ice cream, a tuft of tender lambswool, and a field of softly blooming sunflowers on a nearby hillside. A charity scent for Ukraine. 

Queen Crossbones: The adventurous scents of a pirate queen's far-flung travels: Creamy Egyptian musk, wild honey, sweet coconut, and exotic resins. Because a bad attitude and a stolen galleon will get you everywhere.

Queen Mab: She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes
In shape no bigger than an agate stone
On the forefinger of an alderman,
Drawn with a team of little atomi
Over men’s noses as they lie asleep. (William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet)
The mysterious queen of the fae realm is whimsical, provocative, and full of dark powers. Intoxicating orange blossoms with marshmallow pillows, narcotic petitgrain, creamy coconut milk, wild harvested bitter orange, Tahitian vanilla, and feathery ylang ylang petals.

Swashbuckler: Proof that you can be the scourge of the high seas and still breeze into port smelling divine. Concocted from West Indies bay rum, scurvy-preventing limes, and a dark blend of spices.

Tess: A pure woman, faithfully presented. (Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles) Rustic violets, fresh cream, amber, vanilla bean, and soft, milky musk.

This Is Not Canada: Sweet, jammy Canadian fir absolute and wildcrafted Canadian black spruce, suffused by three golden ambers. (Formerly known as Timberline.) 

Titania V.2: Summer storms and cotton candy with a mischievous, feminine array of heart notes: spruce tips, pink pepper, forest mosses, Tahitian vanilla, and morning dew. A sweet gourmand with salty Ambroxan and pink pepper nuances.
Perfumer's Notes: This is the new Titania. You can tell them apart because V.2 has the date (2023) on the back of the label.

Two Finger Ballet: A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.

WolflingAn innocently feral opening of sweet marzipan and wild cherry leads to a heart of warm cardamom, sugared vanilla beans, soft wolfing fur, Cashmeran, and gentle gourmand musk.



A rotating selection of fan favorites from bygone years. Please keep in mind that scents in this category can sometimes sell out rapidly and may not return. No samples will be offered for Relics.

Her Antlers: A symbol of her proud countenance. A rugged blend of Moroccan Atlas cedarwood with dry, woody amber, melted honey, and a chunk of rich labdanum. A richly honeyed wood scent.

Her Fawn: The scent of innocence itself. Soft brown velvet, skin musk, reindeer milk accord, rich butter CO2 extract, copaiba balsam, white iris, beeswax, maple sap, and a sliver of dry coconut. A "your skin but better" scent. With butter, iris, and maple. A "your skin but buttered" scent?

Köstlich: For Yule, this most Teutonic of holidays, a gourmand-with-a-twist blend of roasted coffee beans, ginger cakes fresh from a warm oven, tobacco-gilded German amber, sweet vanilla, chai spices, and black Ostfriesentee.

Snow Witch: Agaricum: The scent of a witch gathering mycological spore prints on a quiet day in the forest. A woody, atmospheric blend of gnarled branches, dry incense, wild harvested fir tips, jasmine grandiflorum, sheer amber, a small stream, bright tree resins, and loamy black soil. An earthy, coniferous atmospheric.

Rose Petal Blunt: Delicately beautiful and delicious, this is probably how fairies partake. Dewy red rose petals and fresh green stems evolve into a heart of soft tuberose and Silver Haze accord.

Waterfall: A smoking vessel which utilizes Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics as expressed in his 1738 book, Hydrodynamica. The green dankness of rain, wet leaves, lichen, water-drenched tree moss, fucus, French seaweed absolute, and Northern Lights accord.

Witches Stumble Home After a Crazy Night Out: Black vanilla with blonde tobacco, juniper-infused gin, champagne, green cognac absolute, wine grapes, and cassis.



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