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Her Flame

Her Flame

Arcana Wildcraft
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Reindeer goddesses were once revered in early cultures across the Northern Hemisphere. Neolithic nomads worshipped the spiritual embodiment of the Great Mother of the Great Herd, for it is she--not the males--who retains her antlers in winter. It is she who leads and protects her family and people. It is her image found tattooed on female shamans in ceremonial graves. She nurtures us all, from our first steps to our last. These are her scents.

Her Flame: It lights the way for Her people. Dry tobacco leaves and ground Ceylon cinnamon* are blended with golden vanilla, rich caramel, and melted pralines.

Offered in amber glass apothecary bottles in samples (1/3 dram) and 5 ml.

Indie, handmade, vegan, cruelty free.

*Contains cinnamon. If your skin is sensitive to cinnamon, you may want to avoid this scent.